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If you have had experienced a case with an unfavorable outcome and would like to have a second chance, or if you are fighting to preserve a judgment in your favor and need competent, qualified legal assistance, contact Broward County Appeals Attorney Gabriela C. Novo to discuss your options.

The appeals process takes place after an initial judgment is made against you either in civil or criminal court. By definition, an appeal lets you challenge that judgment, and the court may decide to take one of several different types of actions, including retrial or dismissal. An appeal’s outcome often varies depending on a number of factors including the date of the initial decision, the type of case, and what the court’s decision was. If you want to appeal a civil or criminal judgment against you, you need to act quickly with the help of a Ft Lauderdale appeals attorney in order to preserve your right to appeal a decision or conviction against you.

If you are defending a judgment from a lower court, you will need to reaffirm why that judgment was correct by presenting your evidence in the best possible light to a new set of judges. The appellate process can be rather confusing since there may be several different courts that need to hear your case, with different kinds of evidence needed for each.

Broward County appeals attorney Gabriela C. Novo will be able to represent you at every step of the state and federal appellate process. Her years of courtroom experience will ensure that your case is presented as effectively as possible.

With the help of a seasoned Ft Lauderdale appeals attorney, you may be able to have your case heard again, secure a new trial, preserve a court’s judgment in your favor, or have a new decision issued.


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