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Claims Denied ByYour Insurance Company?

If so, there is absolutely no time to waste.

Regardless of what your insurance company may have told you, there is a chance that you can get the insurance company to pay up on your insurance claims. Fight back with the help of the experienced Florida insurance attorney, Gabriela Novo

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How Can an Insurance Claims Attorney Help Your Cause?

Even though what is covered under an insurance policy is specified in the contract, insurance companies do not always pay out everything they are required to by law. In the insurance industry, this is referred to as “bad faith insurance practices”.

Some examples of bad faith insurance practices:

  • Failing to do a Proper Investigation of a Claim

  • Delaying Payment Without a Justifiable Reason

  • Harassing or Intimidating the Claimant

  • Failing to Provide a Reasonable Explanation of Denied or Underpaid Claims

  • Failing to Describe the Appeals Process

  • Attempting to Settle for Less than a Reasonable Amount

  • And more

Gabriela C. Novo, Attorney at Law

Ms. Novo is a tenacious attorney. A real fighter. She personally handles every case. I was referred to her by a friend, for whom she had handled a criminal matter…I don’t plan on getting in trouble in the future, but if I do, I’ll definitely seek out her services.

– Chris R.

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