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Do you have a child under the age of 18 who has been charged with a crime in juvenile court?

Work with a Compassionate Fort Lauderdale Juvenile Lawyer

If your child needs representation for charges brought against a juvenile, Broward County juvenile attorney Gabriela C. Novo will help you work towards the best possible solution. Helping your child who is facing criminal charges can be daunting, and navigating the complex world of the juvenile court system requires passionate advocate who can speak up for the rights of your child.

Ft Lauderdale juvenile lawyer Gabriela C. Novo spent years as a prosecutor, where she gained a large amount of experience in juvenile court cases. She is prepared to leverage everything she has learned to provide you and your child peace of mind throughout the proceedings, and will work towards increasing your chances of reaching a favorable outcome.

Juvenile charges, hearings, sentences and rules about evidence are completely different in Florida than charges that are brought against adults. The nature of juvenile charges also means that court proceedings and casework are also unique, so employing a specialized lawyer is key. Having an experienced Ft Lauderdale juvenile court attorney in your corner will help to ensure that your child’s rights are upheld and the best possible case is put forward.

Juvenile records may also negatively affect your child as an adult, meaning your child’s juvenile case is something that should be taken very seriously. Looking into less intrusive options for your child, like counseling or probation, is one possible solution that Broward County juvenile court Attorney Gabriela C. Novo can work towards to help you avoid these long-reaching consequences. We will review the individual facts present in your child’s case, challenge the State’s evidence, and look into alternative solutions to reduce or eliminate your child’s charges entirely.

With an experienced Fort Lauderdale juvenile attorney like Gabriela C. Novo, your child may be able to have charges dropped, avoid jail time, or receive an alternative sentence such as counseling or probation.


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