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Accident Law Firm – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There are dozens of types of accidents that can take place each day, many of which will require some kind of legal process. This doesn’t just include car accidents, but also injuries resulting from falls, dog bites, construction zones, pedestrian incidents, bikes, scooters, healthcare malpractice and much more. No matter what kind of accident you might have been involved in, you should be aware of your legal rights.

Since the law office of Gabriela C. Novo doesn’t know what kind of accident you’ve been involved in just yet, we thought we would put together a helpful guide in navigating these types of legal matters. We will discuss some of the best questions to ask your Fort Lauderdale accident attorney as well as the items you’ll need to bring in preparation for your meeting.  Let’s get right into it.

The Ten Best Questions to Ask Your Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

When you’re preparing to meet with an accident lawyer, you’ll want to be ready for that meeting by making a list of questions that relate to your particular situation. Generic questions are helpful too, but specific questions will help you choose the right attorney for you.

How long have you worked on cases like mine?

This question should open the door to having a bigger discussion about your potential attorney’s background and legal approach. You can follow up with questions about how those cases worked out and how they might benefit yours.

Have you worked for clients like me or in my situation?

This is an excellent question to ask after you’ve told the attorney more about you, your life, and case details. There won’t be any wrong answer to this question, but it will give you insight on how the lawyer treats or serves their clients and will illustrate his or her commitment to them.

What kind of education/background do you have in my type of case and how will it help me?

It is good to get a sense of your potential attorney’s legal history and where they obtain their formal education. This information will give you confidence in their abilities and will alert the attorney that you’re taking your case seriously.

What kind of evidence will be needed in my particular case?

After discussing the details of your accident, the lawyer should be able to start putting part of your case together. He or she might offer you some ideas as to what kind of evidence you’ll need to collect, or they may explain how their resources may help identify additional evidence that may be needed.

Do you have a particular strategy in mind for my case?

Chances are, at first meeting, this question will be harder to answer without doing some investigating of your claim. However, this is an excellent open-ended question that will allow the attorney to start talking about their process and legal style. You’ll be able to see if they are aggressive, complacent, inquisitive and much more.

What kind of alternatives do I have for my particular case?

Since accident cases are all so different, there might be other ways to solve your accident claim. There might be resources that would be a better fit for you or a specialist that they know who can assist in the legal matter; completely changing the course of your claim. You’ll never know unless you ask this sort of question.

What is your preferred communication method and how often will we talk?

Both you and your Fort Lauderdale accident attorney will need to be in communication regularly throughout your case. Accident cases can take weeks, months or years to resolve and great communication will be crucial to your success.

How do you think my case will end up?

Truthfully, no one can predict the outcome of your case beyond simple speculation. However, this is an excellent question because it will allow your potential accident attorney to give you some sample outcomes. This will also offer you an insight to the lawyer if they give you grand ideas about what you’ll get from your case. Any promises or guarantees made by an attorney is not a reflection of someone who has your best interests in mind.

How much money do you think I can receive for my case?

As with the last question, there is no way to answer this accurately. Your attorney can work with you on calculating your losses which may give you some idea as to what you might be awarded in damages. Any lawyer who gives you a certain sum about your case is someone you should probably avoid.

What fees do you ask for in legal claims like mine, how is that figured?

Before leaving a meeting with an attorney, you will want to be clear on their fee structure and how that is calculated. This will give you a chance to fully comprehend what you will be expected to pay in return for useful legal guidance. If the attorney is “vague” on this point, ask them to clarify or simply work with someone else.

How To Prepare for Your Fort Lauderdale Accident Attorney Meeting

Now that you have a list of questions to get you started, here are a few additional items that you’ll want to be sure to take with you to the meeting. Preparation is key when you have these kinds of appointments and will keep your legal costs down.

  • Your top questions
  • Your insurance policies (if applicable)
  • Your accident report (police or incident report at a business or work)
  • Your medical records and recommendations from physicians
  • Photos or images of your accident
  • Any witness information
  • A written statement about the accident as you recall it

We hope this has given you some clarity around hiring a Fort Lauderdale accident attorney and gives you a good place to start when building your claim. Please give us a call or send us a message to set up an appointment so that we can get started on your case.



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