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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers

No one should have to take on the justice system alone. Unfortunately, this happens far too often after a life-changing event, leaving people to fend for themselves against the insurance companies. The Law Office of Gabriela C. Novo works with Fort Lauderdale residents every day helping them with their personal injury and car accidents cases.

If you are unsure if you need an attorney for your situation, we thought this article might be a good place to start. Below we are going to talk about what qualifies as a personal injury case and the benefits of working with a Fort Lauderdale injury and car accident lawyer.

What Qualifies as a Legal Personal Injury

Personal injury cases include a variety of situations. Since injuries occur over a vast spectrum, we are going to breakdown the most common claims below. While not an exhaustive list, this should give you a preliminary place to start as you begin your search for the best Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firm.

  • Slip and Fall – Chances are you have heard about these types of cases on TV and from friends or family. Slip and fall cases are also referred to as trip and fall incidents. When you suffer an injury like this at a business or owned piece of property, you may be subject to an injury claim.Property and business owners have a reasonable responsibility to provide a safe environment for patrons and people in general. Plenty of research and investigation goes on into cases like this, so your best action would be to reach out to our injuries lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, so we can learn more about your situation.
  • Dog BitesMillions of people are bitten by dogs each year, many of these incidents end up in small claims courts. Dog bite claims are often handled by injury attorneys who will attempt to settle your case, so you are compensated for your injuries. Damages usually comprise of physical and emotional traumas that an effective attorney knows how to prove.
  • Assault and Battery – Another kind of injury where you might be entitled to compensation are assault and battery incidents. For example, the injuries you received as a result of a robbery can lead to a personal injury case. These cases are not only factually complex but also emotionally complicated to handle on your own. We suggest speaking with an injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale if you’ve experienced an unfortunate event like this.

Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident law is almost in a classification of its own. There were over 402,300 car accidents in Florida in 2017. More than 254,000 of the crashes resulted in injuries. Statistics like these keep car accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale incredibly busy working for their client’s best interests and recovery.

Some accidents are relatively straight forward and require very little legal intervention, but if significant injuries or damages are a part of the equation, it is important you speak with an accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale to help you through the process. Between the research, investigations, and collection of evidence needed to support your case, you’ll be confident you chose to use a qualified legal professional.

Benefits of Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

While you can walk through a personal injury case on your own, there are reasons to consider a Fort Lauderdale personal injury or accident lawyer. These might be considerations that you have not yet thought about.

  • Adept at Identifying Negligence – The cornerstone of your claim is negligence. Negligence has to be determined in order for you to win your accident case. An experienced injury lawyer is fully aware of how to establish this significant detail which comes from years of investigating these cases and knowing how they typically play out.
  • The Network – An injury attorney knows the law, but part of why you hire one is because they have a network of resources to help you with your case. They are familiar with the courts, with other lawyers, with investigators and others who can completely change the outcome of a case. For example, if your accident had something to do with fire, your lawyers would know experts in fire safety and prevention whose knowledge may help you determine negligence in your case.
  • Case Process Knowledge – Personal injury cases are filled with all sorts of processes that you might be unfamiliar with. There are specific documents that must be filed along with other materials you’re providing the court. There is also a process for how to serve an insurance company and alert them of your claim. These, along with laws and the statute of limitations, are just part of what makes personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale so valuable.
  • Communicate on Your Behalf – How much do you enjoy negotiating for things like a car or items at a yard sale? Chances are, this isn’t one your favorite things to do, right? A personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale will be doing all your communication and negotiations for you. You shouldn’t speak to anyone, other than your attorney, about your case so as not to misrepresent any of the facts. Insurance companies wait for you to make this kind of mistake so they can avoid paying you for your injuries.

Please contact us today to discuss your personal injury or car accident claim in Fort Lauderdale. We can work quickly to help you determine how your case might go and direct you to the best legal pathway after learning the facts of your case.


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