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Police Misconduct

Have you been the victim of police misconduct in Florida?

Work With an Aggressive Fort Lauderdale Police Misconduct Attorney

If you have been the victim of police misconduct, you will undoubtedly need an experienced Broward County criminal defense attorney to handle your case every step of the way. These cases are often complex–challenging police officers on their conduct generally requires time, research and specific expertise. Ft Lauderdale police misconduct lawyer Gabriela C. Novo is an expert on these policies knows the legal system, and understands how to most efficiently defend your rights.

While most police officers act ethically and responsibly, there are instances where an officer in will take inappropriate actions against you. The physical and emotional toll of police misconduct in Ft Lauderdale can be devastating, and you may want to seek compensation for these injuries. Police misconduct attorney Gabriela C. Novo can help, and tell you what you may be entitled to based on the behavior you encountered.

The term “police misconduct” refers to inappropriate actions taken by the police while carrying out their official duties. More specifically, this can include violations of an individual’s civil rights, police brutality, corruption, intimidation, racial profiling, or false arrest. There is a wide range of inappropriate conduct, and each type of conduct requires different evidence and strategy at trial.

Let Broward County police misconduct Attorney Gabriela C. Novo represent you, so you can put your best case forward. If you want to report police misconduct, we will carefully listen to your story and proceed by advising you on how to proceed with your police misconduct case. In her years as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney Gabriela Novo has worked directly with many police officers and established relationships in the criminal justice system. She understands the level of responsibility and power these officers are given, and is prepared to ensure that officers are held responsible for any misconduct.

By working with experienced Broward County police misconduct attorney Gabriela C. Novo, you may be able to have your case heard in court, and receive restitution from the police department that committed the misconduct.


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