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Do you need a previous conviction sealed and expunged?

It’s time to contact a Seal and Expungement Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

If you have been convicted of a crime, and want to seal or expunge your record, Ft Lauderdale Seal and Expungement Attorney Gabriela C. Novo can help make the process as straightforward and painless as possible.

The law in Broward County recognizes that individuals make mistakes, and it gives you the opportunity to request that you can part ways with your criminal record and move on with your life. This is accomplished by requesting that your record be sealed or expunged for certain offenses. If a record is sealed, this means that the general public will not be able to obtain information about your criminal record.

Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions involving job applications, future criminal prosecutions, certain licenses and firearm purchases where your record may be accessed for specific use. If a record is expunged, no one will ever be able to gain access to it; however, in specific cases like those listed above, people may be told that an expunged record exists but will have no details regarding the contents of the record.

Fort Lauderdale seal and expungement attorney Gabriela C. Novo will help you try to eliminate your criminal record through either sealing or expunging your record. She will be there to guide you through every step of the process. Attempting to seal or expunge a record can be complicated and lengthy, so you’ll want a Ft Lauderdale attorney with the expertise and skill to put your best case forward. The process requires contact with many agencies in the state of Florida, and Broward County attorney Gabriela Novo’s years as a prosecutor have allowed her to become familiar with all of the agencies involved in the sealing or expunging proceedings. Let us make the process easy for you by taking care of the details. Please contact us if you are ready to get on with your life.

With an experienced Broward County seal and expungement lawyer like Gabriela C. Novo, you may be able to have your prior convictions sealed or entirely expunged from your record. Please contact us now for a confidential consultation.


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