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Attorney Gabriela C. Novo

Meticulous, experienced, and fluent in Spanish, attorney Gabriela Novo provides excellent legal representation to all her clients.

As a former prosecutor, Gabriela Novo knows the justice system from both sides. Having worked on over 1,000 criminal cases, she is well-experienced in the courtroom and with jury trials. Our firm will do everything possible to defend you or your family member who is facing criminal charges in Florida.

I take a personal approach to every client and every case.  More than a job, I see it as my duty and mission to fight hard to get you the very best results on your case!

If the person facing criminal charges is currently in jail, we will file the appropriate motions needed to set or reduce bond and get them released. If the police are asking questions and you need us by your side, we will be there. If you are already bonded out and need legal representation, we will be at your side in the courtroom.

When you have Gabriela Novo on your side, you secure an effective litigator and trusted legal advisor. Be confident in your case and don’t battle the criminal justice system alone. Don’t wait. Seek the experienced legal counsel of Gabriela Novo today.


Gabriela C. Novo

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