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Attorney Gabriela C. Novo

The Law Office of Gabriela C. Novo is dedicated to protecting persons charged with criminal offenses throughout Florida. Whether it is a criminal case in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach, Attorney Gabriela C. Novo, a former Assistant State Attorney for Broward County is available to defend you.

You have been arrested or charged. Now what?

The police have begun their criminal investigation or have already arrested you for allegedly violating the law. The government is formally charging you with the criminal violations alleged in the police reports. You want to tell your side of the story. Unfortunately, the police don’t believe you, they twist your words, or you prefer not to speak to detectives or the officers investigating you. Now the situation you find yourself in dictates you hire a lawyer who will step in and do the talking for you.

If you’ve been arrested in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County, you need great legal representation to fight for your rights and freedom. You can count on Gabriela Novo of Novo Law to provide you the highest level of attention and legal experience. As a former prosecutor, she knows the system inside and out. It’s complicated and the deck is stacked against you. But you have rights that need to be preserved.

The field of criminal law extends well beyond arrest and trial. We are here to help you with the full range of legal issues. Whether you’ve been arrested or dealing with restraining order hassles, probation violations and even federal charges, call Gabriela Novo for help. She will take your call personally and guide you through every step of the process. Ms. Novo will even help you with records sealing and expungement. She doesn’t stop with local charges either. She can help you with federal criminal charges as well. When your freedom is on the line, count on Gabriela Novo.

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Dedicated to Service

At Novo Law, our reputation in the Florida legal community is built on a foundation of meticulous attention to detail, exceptional service, and deep experience in criminal law. We understand that facing criminal charges can be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life, and it’s here where our expertise and dedication shine the brightest.

Attention to Detail: In the realm of criminal law, every detail matters. Our attorneys are trained to scrutinize every aspect of your case, from the initial police reports to the intricacies of the evidence presented. We believe that a thorough understanding of every nuance is crucial to building a strong defense. This meticulous approach often uncovers key elements that can be pivotal in the outcome of your case.

Exceptional Service: At Novo Law, we prioritize client service above all. We understand that dealing with legal issues can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we are committed to providing clear, compassionate, and timely communication throughout your legal journey. Our team ensures you are always informed and comfortable with each step in the process. We are not just your attorneys; we are your partners, advocates, and supporters.

Deep Experience: With years of dedicated practice in criminal law, Novo Law brings a wealth of experience to your defense. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the Florida criminal justice system, including the nuances that can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case. We have successfully navigated a wide range of criminal cases, giving us the insight and expertise to handle even the most complex legal challenges.

At Novo Law, we blend meticulous attention to detail, exceptional service, and deep legal experience to offer unparalleled representation in criminal law. We understand the stakes are high, and we are committed to fighting for the best possible outcome for each of our clients. Trust us to bring our expertise, dedication, and personalized attention to your case, ensuring that your rights are protected every step of the way.

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About Gabriela C. Novo

Excellence in Legal Representation

Broward | Palm Beach | Miami-Dade County

Attorney Gabriela C. Novo

Meticulous, experienced and fluent In Spanish, Attorney Gabriela Novo Provides Excellent Legal Representation To All Her Clients.

As a former Assistant Attorney General, Gabriela C. Novo knows the justice system from both sides. Having worked on over 1,000 criminal cases, she is well-experienced in the courtroom and with jury trials. Our firm will do everything possible to defend you or your family member who is facing criminal charges in Florida.

I take a personal approach to every client and every case.  More than a job, I see it as my duty and mission to fight hard to get you the very best results on your case!

If the person facing criminal charges is currently in jail, we will file the appropriate motions needed to set or reduce bond and get them released. If the police are asking questions and you need us by your side, we will be there. If you are already bonded out and need legal representation, we be at your side in the courtroom.

When you retain Gabriela C. Novo, you secure an effective, experienced litigator and trusted legal advisor. Be confident in your case and don’t battle the criminal justice system alone. Don’t wait. Seek legal counsel today.


Gabriela C. Novo

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