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Were You Arrested for a DUI in Florida?

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Have you been arrested for a DUI in Ft Lauderdale or Broward County? Unfortunately you may be facing life-altering consequences, and penalties such as jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, expensive alcohol awareness classes, and burdensome community service. A DUI conviction may also lead to increased insurance costs, significant employment difficulties, the possibility of lost income, and other financial penalties and restrictions, as well as considerable personal embarrassment.

If you are serious about defending your freedom, protecting your driving privileges, and reducing the negative financial impacts of your DUI arrest, you need a skilled, experienced and responsive Ft Lauderdale DUI lawyer to fight for your rights. If the proper paperwork is not immediately filed on your behalf, you may automatically lose your license soon after your DUI arrest. Immediate action is required for both Broward County DUI felony and DUI misdemeanor charges.

When you work with Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney Gabriela C. Novo, your case will be personally handled by a former Broward County prosecutor who has handled a wide range of Florida DUI cases. We will aggressively investigate all the legal, technical, biological and social aspects of your arrest. From correct police procedure and probable cause to racial profiling, from Intoxilyzer to interrogation, every aspect of your felony or misdemeanor DUI case will be rigorously examined and reviewed in order to prepare the strongest legal defense to both the criminal and civil charges you face.

With Ft Lauderdale DUI lawyer Gabriela C. Novo standing next to you in court, fighting to defend your rights, freedom and finances, you will see why she has earned considerable respect from Broward County judges and prosecutors. We will keep you informed about the status of your case from the beginning so will always know what to expect and will provide an explanation about how the charges may continue to affect you – even after your case is closed!

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