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Federal Crimes

Have You Been Charged With a Federal Crime?

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If you have been charged with committing a federal crime and need representation in your upcoming hearings, Ft Lauderdale federal crimes Attorney Gabriela C. Novo can absolutely help you determine your next steps.

Federal crimes differ from state crimes, since in order to be charged with a federal crime, you must commit a crime against the Constitution. Examples of federal crimes include trafficking, certain drug crimes, gun sales, kidnapping, computer crimes, bankruptcy crimes, and terrorism. Because of the unique nature of these crimes, federal criminal trials are often different from state trials, and require a skilled advocate with specific experience and knowledge of the federal judicial system.

If you’re looking for a federal crimes attorney in Broward County, look no further. Gabriela C. Novo has had experience as a prosecutor, and has honed her representation skills over thousands of different cases–many of which have been federal. She is ready and able to combat the resources that the federal government may use against you, and can work with you to present your best case and the most persuasive evidence. Additionally, she can assist you with attempting to negotiate a lower sentence, reducing jail time or the severity of the charges.

With experienced Ft Lauderdale Federal Crimes Attorney Gabriela C. Novo at your side, you may be able to have your federal charges dropped or reduced, and you may be able to avoid jail time or receive a reduced sentence. Reach out today for a free consultation.


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