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Probation Violation

Fort Lauderdale Probation Violation Attorney

Have you been accused of violating your probation in Florida?

Work with a Skilled Fort Lauderdale Probation Violation Attorney

If you need help in defending yourself against a charge of probation or parole violation, Ft Lauderdale probation Attorney Gabriela C. Novo is ready and able to work with you. The consequences of being found in violation of your probation can be severe, so working with an experienced probation attorney is absolutely necessary to ensure that you put your best case forward.

Probation, or parole, is generally imposed with very specific guidelines and instructions about what you can and cannot do. If you are accused and found to have violated one of these rules, the punishments can be severe, including revocation of probation, jail time, fines, or increasingly restrictive probation terms. If you are accused of violating your probation, you have the right to a hearing where you can present evidence in your favor. At this hearing, you will be given an opportunity to plead your case–make the most of it by working with a Fort Lauderdale parole Attorney like Gabriela C. Novo, who has years of courtroom experience and knowledge.

An accusation of a probation violation can have serious consequences which affect the outstanding term of your probationary period. If you have been accused of violating your probation, you need a skilled probation violation attorney in Fort Lauderdale who can work with you to make sure an accusation of probation violation doesn’t incur penalties or damage your chances to remain on probation. When the consequences are this serious, you need representation that will ensure you make the most of your chance to present the most compelling evidence possible.

With an experienced Fort Lauderdale parole violation lawyer like Gabriela C. Novo, you may be able to have your violation dropped, or avoid jail time that could be imposed based on the violation.


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