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Restraining Orders

Fort Lauderdale Restraining Order Lawyers

Do you need to file a restraining order, or have you been served with a restraining order?

Work With a Trusted Fort Lauderdale Restraining Order Lawyer

Restraining orders are powerful tools– if you need to ensure your safety and peace of mind by filing a restraining order against someone, Ft Lauderdale restraining order attorney Gabriela C. Novo can help present evidence in your favor to a judge, in order to get a comprehensive restraining order to keep you feeling secure.

Unfortunately, restraining order sanctions can also be abused. If you believe that you have been unjustly served with a restraining order, you may be facing frustration as to why it may have occurred, and what the next steps are. Broward County restraining order attorney Gabriela C. Novo can assist you in defending yourself against the allegations contained in a restraining order, and can work to prevent it from being used against you in any future litigations.

Restraining orders, or temporary injunctions for protection, can be filed after an incident of violence. The purpose of the order is to stop the alleged perpetrator from coming into contact with or further harming the individual who has filed the order. These orders are typically filed with the police or prosecutors, and there may be hearings at which both parties can present evidence. This may seem daunting, but a Fort Lauderdale restraining order lawyer will represent you at all stages of these hearings, and work to present evidence in your favor. As a former prosecutor, she is familiar with both sides of restraining order allegations and procedures and is prepared to work with you to ensure that your rights are not violated.

With an experienced Fort Lauderdale restraining order lawyer like Gabriela C. Novo, you may be able to successfully file a restraining order, or have the restraining order against you dropped.


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