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Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers

Recovery from a car accident takes weeks, months and sometimes years to heal from. This factor alone is often ignored by insurance companies who are seeking to treat what you’re faced with today, rather than what you’ll deal with tomorrow. Another factor insurance companies don’t account for is the impact a car accident can have on your family. As other family members help you recover, they are tasked with the mental, emotional and financial strains of the recovery too. The Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers at the Law Office of Gabriela Novo understand these factors and work to protect you throughout the recovery process.

Do You Need a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney?

We know it is tempting to fight your car accident case alone to recover as much money possible for your accident. Sometimes, in minor incidents, this may be appropriate. When it comes to significant damages and injuries, you may want to consider hiring a Fort Lauderdale car accident law firm to ensure you are adequately compensated. Insurance companies are not interested in what it will take for you to recover, they are only interested in offering the least amount of money as quickly as possible.

Accident attorneys are working for the interests of victims, and listen so they can understand their unique situations fully. This includes learning how the accident has impacted your work, your health, your family and finances. We do the heavy lifting in handling your case so that you can focus on your recovery.

The Whole Picture After a Car Accident

Insurance companies are clever and will often try to settle with you before you can seek legal representation. They might even give you an ultimatum of a higher offer suggesting that a lawsuit will result in offering you less. Don’t fall for this tactic. While an insurance company will try to focus on what you’re dealing with “right now” we will look at the “whole” picture of how this accident has impacted your life. This includes:

  • Medical Bills – The average cost of related medical bills after a car accident is over $15,400. These costs come from ambulance rides, ER care, specialists, physical therapy, chiropractic care and more.
  • Lost Wages – These are the wages you have lost during the course of your injuries that you have no way of recouping on your own.
  • Property Damages – This typically refers to the damage to your vehicle and as to whether it can be repaired or it is a total loss.
  • Lost Earning Potential – This differs from lost wages and refers to the decrease in earning potential you might endure as a result of your injuries.
  • Pain and Suffering – This term refers to a number of things both physically and mentally. This can include the physical pain you experience as a result of the accident or the mental or emotional loss of wellbeing you’re trying to overcome after the incident.

Additionally, if your accident has resulted in a fatality of a family member, you may have a case for a wrongful death claim. This type of claim will allow your Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer to seek compensation for funeral expenses, financial burdens, and loss of life complications.

Insurance Companies After a Legal Claim is Filled

When you work on your case alone, an insurance company can move swiftly to offer you a low settlement offer. When you decide to file and claim and work with a Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney, don’t be surprised if they start dragging their feet. These companies know the more desperate you are for financial compensation, the better chances they have to settle for something less than you deserve.

The insurance company will want to do an extensive investigation into the claim and learn more about your car accident. This translates into trying to poke holes in your story and find someone else to blame. This means that you should take incredible care to follow your physician’s treatment plan and only speak to your legal representation about your case.

An insurance representative will investigate everything from your medical records to your social media profiles to find anything that doesn’t add up with your claims. While your car accident case is underway, you want to refrain from any activities that could jeopardize a settlement in your favor.

Quick Checklist After a Car Accident

We thought that a quick checklist might make planning for your Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney appointment easier. This should assist you in feeling prepared and confident for your consultation with us.

  • Insurance Policy – We would like to review your policy and learn more about how they handle car accidents in association with your particular policy.
  • Record of Insurance Payments – A record of your payments to your insurance company is helpful to establish your financial commitment to them.
  • Information Exchanged Onsite of the Accident – Information such as police reports, insurance information from all parties involved, tickets that were issued will all be needed for your potential claim.
  • Photographs or Video Taken at The Scene – Any photographic evidence of the scene, intersection, vehicles, or injuries are valuable evidence for your case. If anyone has a video of this accident or its aftermath, that too is favorable material for your claim.
  • Any Statements Made – If you made statements to the police, to the other party or to insurance personnel, we would want to know about those.
  • Medical Records – Any care that you have received as a result of the accident will have a paperwork trail. You will need to obtain copies of all of these records as they are crucial to prove the severity of your injuries.
  • Aftercare Records – Other records relating to your personal wellbeing, such as counseling or therapy, are also essential pieces of evidence.
  • Work-Related Records – Bring a pay stub and a record of your lost wages since your accident. This will help us calculate your financial losses.

Reach out to our law office to learn more about your legal rights after your Fort Lauderdale car accident. Our team is ready to hear the details of your case and help you through the legal process.


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